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Frameless Glass Shower FAQs

At Bespoke Frameless Glass, helping you to make more informed decisions is our mission. We have put together the following FAQs to explain everything you need to know about Frameless Glass Shower services that we provide.

1. How long does it take you to deliver glass shower orders?

It will take us approximately 4-6 weeks from the time of your order.


2. Do you install Frameless Glass Showers?

Yes, we have an experienced team that can perform a full, professional glass shower installation. We can work with you to arrange a convenient time and will do all we can to make the whole process efficient and hassle-free.


3. I am a self-builder, do I still need a professional installation for a glass shower?

Yes. As we only offer a supply and install service, we will measure and provide designs for the shower and install it too. This will save you all the hassle.

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4. What is the difference between Frameless and Semi-Frameless glass showers?

Frameless glass showers are often made of thicker glass and have no visible frame around them. They rely on metal clamps and fixtures to hold them in place. Semi-frameless glass showers have both framed and frameless edges. Because of this, the glass can be thinner, as it can borrow some structural security from its frame.


5. Do you offer Semi-Frameless glass showers?

No, we only offer fully frameless glass showers.


6. Are your Frameless Glass Showers designed to be leak proof? What happens if my Frameless Glass Shower leaks?

Our showers are designed to be withhold water inside the shower enclosure. However, depending on the direction of spray, water can escape. For this reason, we install seals in all areas of the shower to reduce any water egress. If a leak occurs, you can contact us and we can try to resolve any issues.


7. What type of Frameless Glass Showers can I choose from? 

At Bespoke Frameless Glass, we offer sliding and hinged shower doors. We also source and install fixed screens and complete glass shower enclosures.

8. What types of glass are there to choose for a Frameless Glass Shower? 

All of our showers are made of toughened safety glass. The glass can be powder coated to create different effects, such as frosting or tinting the glass for privacy.


9. How thick should my Frameless Glass shower be?

We offer 10mm clear toughened glass showers. This provides product longevity and durability, as showers often see heavy usage, and creates a quality look and feel.


10. Do you also offer Framed Glass Showers?

We only offer frameless glass showers.


11. Does Framed or Frameless make a difference when choosing glass?

 Choosing between framed, frameless and semi-framed will have an effect on the options you have when choosing the door or enclosure style, as well as the thickness of the glass. The options are also likely to be in different price ranges.


12. What finishes are there for my shower?

We provide a variety of different finishes to match with the rest of the bathroom sanitary ware. You’ll have many styles to choose from to best suit your shower’s look.

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13. Can you remove my existing shower before installing the new one?

Unfortunately not. Usually, you would need this to be carried out by a tiler or bathroom installer.


14. Are you the manufacturers?

No, we do not manufacture but we get our materials from UK companies who offer great quality products that we are proud to install.


15. How much do glass showers cost?

Depending on the design of each shower, the price range can be anywhere from £1000 upwards.


16. Do you carry out site visits pre quote?

Yes, we can arrange a site visit with our surveyor to come and view the job and provide you with an estimate.


17. After the installation, how can I keep my Frameless Glass Shower clean?

Using a squeegee on your shower after use will reduce the amount of hard water that dries there, creating build-up. When your glass needs freshening up, you can create your own glass-cleaning concoction by mixing equal measures of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. You can also purchase domestic glass cleaners.

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