Glass Balustrade & Balcony FAQs

At Bespoke Frameless Glass, helping you to make more informed decisions is our mission. We have put together the following FAQs to explain everything you need to know about Glass Balustrade services that we provide.

How long does it take (approximately) you to deliver glass balustrade orders?

Depending on the project and style of work to be installed usually around 4-6 weeks.


Are you the manufacturers?

No, we do not manufacture but we get our materials from UK companies who offer great quality products that we are proud to install.


Do you install glass balustrades?

Yes, we have an experienced team that can perform a full, professional glass balustrade installation – including the appropriate glass balustrade fixing and spigots. We can work with you to arrange a convenient time and will do all we can to make the whole process efficient and hassle-free.

How much do glass balustrades cost?

Our balustrades range from £1000 to £50,000 depending on the project size. If you have a project in mind, you can request a free quote or check out our pricing page.


If I am a self-builder. Do I still need a professional installment for balustrades?

Especially for commercial spaces, professional balustrade installation is usually considered mandatory since the traffic and use of the balustrade will be much higher than a residential balustrade. Having the confidence in installation and the peace of mind the balustrade has been installed correctly is worth much more than cutting corners.


What type of glass do you use for balustrades?

Depending on the balustrade it can range from 10mm to 21.5mm thick safety glass.


What materials are available for a glass balustrade?

We use a mixture of 316 and 304 grade stainless steel and aluminium products for our balustrades all off which can be powder coating to your liking.


How thick should my glass balustrade be?

Balconies and other glass balustrade systems should utilize 10mm toughened glass, whereas structural glass balustrades require a minimum thickness of 15mm toughened glass panels for residential properties but we recommend 17.5 or 21.5mm thick safety glass. Higher loading public areas and commercial spaces such as bars, restaurants, nightclubs and malls require 19mm – 25mm toughened glass panels.

Are glass balustrade standoff buttons adjustable?

We use a variety off stand offs ranging from 10mm to 50mm so we can align your balustrade to suit.


Can glass balustrade be fixed to timber joist?

Yes we can install our glass balustrades to timber joists using the correct fixings that are fit for purpose.


Can spigots for a glass balustrade be fixed to timber decking?

Yes, they can be and we recommend using a handrail on top of the glass for extra support.

Can you put a handrail on a glass balustrade staircase?

Yes, we offer a variety of handrails.


What are the handrails made from?

Stainless steel either in 316 external grade or 304 internal grade.


How safe are glass balustrades?

Professionally installed and legislation compliant balustrades are extremely safe. There are a number of building regulations exist, such as Building Standard 6180: 2011, to ensure safety and set out the requirements for internal and external balustrades that are installed in any residential and commercial properties.


How high should a glass balustrade be?

According to the UK Building Regulations, internal glass balustrades in residential properties must have a minimum height of 900mm from the point that is stood on and external glass balustrades such as balustrade balconies must have a minimum height of 1100mm from the point that is stood to the top of the handrail.


Do your glass balustrade systems meet building regulations?

Yes, at Bespoke Frameless Glass we ensure your outdoor and indoor glass balustrades are high quality, compliant and incredibly safe.

What fitting options do you offer for Juliet balconies?

We offer Standoffs and Easy View systems for Juliet balconies.


Can you install a Juliet balcony directly to my frame?

Yes, we can install directly to your frame.


What options do I have for a glass finish for my balustrade?

We offer clear, frosted for privacy and tinted glass to most balustrade styles.


Do you carry out site visits pre-quote site visits?

Yes, we are able to arrange a site visit with our surveyor to come and view the job and provide you with an estimate.

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